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Cardio for Weight Loss and a Fitter Body

Cardiovascular exercise in one of the most important aspects of having a strong heart and healthy lungs, but using cardio for weight loss will also help your internal organs by reducing the strain caused by excess body weight. A smaller body will be easier for your heart to supply blood to and you can reduce your risk for diabetes and heart failure by shedding those extra pounds.

Sticking To the Basics

Jogging, running, and cycling are simple aerobic activities you can try to get into the routine of using cardio for weight loss. If you don’t know where to start, these types of workouts are very versatile, allowing you to easily choose a speed and intensity that’s comfortable for you. As you develop more muscle and cardiovascular strength, you’ll need to increase the intensity of your workout to continue seeing weight loss results.

Getting Toned All Around

While running or hiking can give your legs a great workout and do wonders for your cardio, there are other routines that work different muscle groups while still providing an aerobic workout. Dance cardio or kickbox cardio for weight loss can be a fun and interesting alternative to simply going for a jog and they can give you the opportunity to develop a bit of tone in other areas of your body as well.

Swimming is fantastic way to keep your heart rate up while experiencing the benefits of water resistance against your muscles. For those who can’t stand the sweaty, overheated feeling that comes with exercise, the cool water does a great job of keeping you refreshed and at a comfortable temperature. Swimming can also be ideal for those with arthritis or any joint soreness and discomfort.

High Intensity Interval Training for Maximum Results

To change your routine up and keep your body on its toes you can try high intensity cardio for weight loss by alternating exercise and active rest periods. Alternating between extreme activity and slower rest periods can burn a lot of calories while increasing the fat you’re burning as well. Longer active rest periods will allow you to have more intense workout periods and will get your body burning more fat.

Different techniques work for different people, so monitor your weight loss and keep a record. If one type of exercise doesn’t appeal to you or isn’t giving you any results, try something new until you discover which exercise you find rewarding, effective, and enjoyable.

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