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Dance Cardio: Shed Pounds While Having Fun and Feeling Great

If you find the idea of exercise boring and unpleasant, you may just not have found the right workout to try. Cardio exercise is meant to keep your heart rate up in order to promote the burning of fat and calories, so any activity that keeps your blood pumping is giving you a good workout. One of the most effective and exciting routines out there is dance cardio. Once the music starts and you get into a rhythm, you won’t even notice that the time flew by and you’re left sweating and feeling great at the end.

Choosing the Right Class

If this is your first time trying dance cardio and you have no prior dance and rhythm experience, choosing a class designed for beginners will get you started in the right direction. As you get a better feel for the steps and you feel more confident learning new moves, moving up to a more intense type of class should be something to keep in mind for the future.

Don’t hesitate to let your instructor know that you’re brand new. Most instructors will keep this in mind and make it easier for you to follow along if this is your first time. Be sure to situate yourself in a spot that gives you a good view of your instructor and just follow along with the dance cardio routine as best you can.

Keeping Up At Your Own Pace

Even if you choose a beginner’s class, the moves can still get a little complicated when you’re brand new. Don’t worry about getting every move nailed down on the first try. If you get thrown off track, start back into the basic pattern and work in the more elaborate moves when you feel comfortable. The point of dance cardio is to give you a great workout while having fun, so as long as you keep moving, you’re doing what you came there to do and the rest of the moves will come with time and practice.

Dance Cardio for the Shy Dancers

If you don’t feel comfortable dancing and working out in front of a full class, DVD’s are available so you can enjoy a great dance cardio workout in the privacy of your own home. Even if you want to just learn some basic moves before joining a class, or get in an extra workout on your days off, dance cardio DVD’s can be an interesting way to spend 30-45 minutes of your afternoon burning some extra calories. Make sure you are still giving yourself a good warm-up and cool down to prevent any injury or sprains.

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